'ELLO! I'M shea.

Growing up with an artist for a grandmother got my creative juices flowing at an early age. Whether we were finger-painting pillowcases, watercoloring on a wharf, or folding napkins at the dinner table, I loved every minute of it — and haven’t stopped since. 

If anyone in my family ever asked, “Where’s Shea?” the answer was generally, “In her room, drawing.” I could spend hours on end mimicking magazine pictures to practice figure drawing, and I was always the kid asked to sign yearbooks in a “cool” font (usually overloaded with swirls…I’ve come a long way). I’ve admired design and illustration before I even knew their names.

What I Do

I feel truly lucky that the best way for me to connect with people is through doing what I love. I’m pretty much addicted to the creative process, and that reflects in my work. I take art very seriously in that I work incredibly hard, but I’ll never hesitate to add an element of playfulness or whimsy or old-fashioned levity when appropriate. I love dabbling in new media and bridging the old with the new — particularly through illustration, hand-lettering, design, and motion graphics. 

I cozy up in a nook once I get down to designing, but I’m best inspired when out observing and exploring the world around me. These days, you can find me wandering about Atlanta.



HOW International Design Annual 2015
Communication Arts 2014 Design
Communication Arts 2013 Typography
Cortona Studies Abroad Scholarship
Cliff Chandler Scholarship


Typography & Layout
Motion Graphics
UI Design
Identity & Branding

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