Kaitlyn Shea O'Connor RESUME


Alex Murawski
Professor at the University of Georgia

Ms. O'Connor is consistently creative, hardworking and willing to take advice. She is personable and a pleasure to work with. Need I say more?

Ms. O'Connor's interests tend toward illustration and animation, but her work for the 2012 TypeCon was just recognized by Communication Arts in their Type Annual. Her illustration work has individuality and style. She understands how to generate a graphically powerful, compelling image.

After forty years in the illustration field and twenty years teaching illustration with a design curriculum, I have seldom worked with a lot of students who say they would like to become illustrators, fewer who display the capacity, and fewer still who will do the work required to succeed. Shea O'Connor falls into this select group.

Hire her.

Julie Spivey
Associate Professor at the University of Georgia

Shea was accepted into our graphic design program through a competitive portfolio review process at the end of the sophomore year, in which only fourteen students are selected as majors each semester. From the start it was obvious that Shea was on of the strongest students in a strong group. Her work ethic and intellectual approach is at the highest level and her opinion is respected by her classmates, no doubt because she is a willing collaborator with an easy-going nature.

She is as self-disciplined a student as I have ever taught, extremely thorough in all pursuits and always goes beyond what is asked of her, seemingly due to a sincere interest in learning and improving her design that surpasses the goal of merely achieving a high grade (although she has a rare 4.0 GPA in this major). I am so confident in Shea's talent, work ethic and maturity that I have chosen to work with her outside of class on professional design projects.

Chris Robinson
Director, Studies Abroad Cortona, Italy

Shea is truly at a pivotal point of intellectual development, with the potential to surpass the expectations of any opportunity. Shea's background of Graphic Design, Illustration, and technological capabilities make her broad, yet firmly founded for the professional world. With additional experience in Stop Motion and Flash Animation, Film and Digital Photography, as well as administrative history, Shea possesses talent, maturity and motivation seldom seen from an artist at such an early stage of her career.

I'd like to strongly recommend without qualification, Shea O'Connor for any professional, academic or research opportunity, field related or otherwise.